Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning
Is Changing The Industry

The Cimex / Releasit system

  • High production rates 2,000-3,000 sq ft per hour
  • Stops recurring spill stains
  • Prevents wicking problems
  • Simple system, easy to train technicians
  • Releasit detergents have built-in protector
  • Carpets stay clean approximately 50% longer
  • An ideal choice for commercial carpet care

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Cimex Scrubber

You can now clean commercial carpets faster than ever before at normal cleaning rates of 2,000-3,000 sq ft per hour.  Commercial carpet problems such as recurring spill stains and dull drab traffic lanes can be put to rest.  The Cimex machine was developed in 1933 and has been providing safe and powerful cleaning for over 70 years.  The results are impressive!    

The triple headed Cimex machine is over 600% more efficient than a typical rotary scrubber and it's safe for the carpet and the technician.  A typical floor machine turns one brush at 175 rpm's.  The Cimex spins 3 brushes at 400 rpm's.  That amounts to 3 times as many brushes cleaning more than twice as fast.  They say that time is money, so it makes makes sense to get the most "bang for the buck" when it comes to your equipment's performance.

Three heads are better than one

The Cimex machine is a planetary scrubber.  As you can see in this illustration, the drive deck turns counter-clockwise as the three brushes spin clockwise.  This enables the carpet fiber to be scrubbed from all directions with every cleaning pass.  It also means there is no side-to-side torque like is normally experienced with a typical rotary machine.  This makes it safe for even a new operator to run the machine safely.  In addition to operator safety, it's also safe for the carpet fiber.  There is no tip bloom since the Cimex turns clockwise and counter-clockwise at the same time.  Professional Testing Laboratory tested the Cimex making a total of 22 passes with a Cimex, Releasit, and FiberPlus pads and determined that the Cimex is safe for commercial carpet.  Here's a link to that report...  Cimex proves safe

CALL 1-800-330-1888  Why pay more?

You can get more information and details on our store site.

Releasit Encapsulation

Not all encapsulation cleaners are created equal. Some are better! 
Releasit's founder, Rick Gelinas, was instrumental in putting encapsulation  cleaning on the map in the carpet cleaning industry.  As a pioneer in the industry, Rick worked long and hard to develop what has come to be regarded as the finest encapsulation products in the carpet cleaning industry.

Releasit's cleaning performance will impress you!  Throw it at your worst jobs and you'll see beautiful bright carpet.  Releasit's powerful cleaning formula contains a unique crystallizing polymer called CRYSTALON3.  This crystallizing polymer holds soil in suspension so it can be extracted in the post-vacuuming process. And there's no sticky detergent residue to attract additional soil.  Encap-Clean is a state of the art encapsulation shampoo type cleaner that's capable of tackling heavy soil loads.  And Encap-Punch brings encapsulation cleaning to the hot water extraction cleaning process. Encap-Punch has been awarded the CRI Seal of Approval.

You can get more information and details on the Releasit site.


See what others are saying about the Cimex / Releasit system...

First job with Cimex $2424.
Gotta love this business!!!!

I use Releasit and never felt I needed to compare to another product. It has always done what I needed it to do.

I was HWE all the way. Then I did myself a favor and tried a free sample from Rick and one from Bridgepoint. Both products in my opinion work very well on commercial applications. Why do I buy Rick's product. The Releasit DS goes a lot further because of the 4oz per gallon versus Bridgepoints 8oz per gallon. Also I get free ground UPS from Rick which being up here in the Northeast you can save a ton of money on shipping that way.

Because of Cimex, We Don't Go There Anymore...We don't go to the propane store anymore...We don't wash stinkin pads anymore...We don't use corner guards anymore...We don't put up safty cones so no one will trip over our hoses anymore...We don't dump nasty waste water anymore...We don't carry 200 gallons of water all over town any more... The other day while going between calls, I stopped in at a local supplier to look at one of the new truckmounts and when I came back to the van I noticed that a tear was rolling down my helpers cheek, I told him, not to worry, Because of Cimex you have a brand new boss now and we are not going back to that place anymore.

If you buy from excellent supply you get great products plus great customer service which is the best we can hope for as owner/opers

Releasit all the way. Very economical and works better than any product I've used.

Rick has great products and is a pleasure to do business with.

I use Encap-Punch HWE every day or so, on everything with good-great results. Use it today on my 13 yr old nylon carpet and they look almost new. Aalso have some 6yr old olefin/nylon and it stripped the dirt off like hot butter. Now for the spots back and traffic lane test to see how long it last in my house with 2 kids and 2 dogs. Use it, love it, buy it.

I rented the Cimex to try on grungy movie theater. I used Ricks suggestion of Releasit and the Encap-Punch.  Did it yesterday morning while my guy's were doing the seats.  Just came back from checking it this morning. It looks unbelievable!!! It sparkles. Was expecting to HWE it today but all I did was vacuum. What a no brainer, I just followed the directions on the bottles and pushed the Cimex around like a lawn mower. The really dirty places that were thick with crud are clean and no wick ups.

THANKS!  I ordered my Cimex last Tuesday, had it on Thursday and was using it the following Monday on a 10,000'commercial job.  Wish I had bought this thing years ago. What an awesome machine and back saver.  Your company did an excellent job in every aspect and the people answering you phones are extremely knowledgeable and pleasant.  Thanks again Rick

I have never had better service from any supplier then I get from Rick and Excellent-Supply

In the last 6 months I have tried some other encap products. They did fine. But, we ran out of them recently and my son threatened me if I didn't get him Releasit again. I ordered more Releasit. We just did a couple good size jobs last week and we were delighted to be back to Releasit. My opinion, for Cimex encap work, nothing works nearly as well as Releasit and they can't take that away from you.


Releasit RULES!
Great deal on a dang-near perfect product!

I love my Cimex and Releasit.

For us we started with Releasit and everyone is always happy with the job and so we stick with Releasit. Kind of the if it ain't broke don't fix it thinking. Rick makes great products. When I was thinking about getting a Cimex. I read an article by Rick and then called him. I bugged him with all kinds of questions for many months before I decided to buy. What finally made me a believer was Rick told me he would send me a Cimex and Releasit and some pads for 10 days and if I did not like it then call him and ship it back. I have been a believer ever since. Great customer service. Great products. Why try anything else?

This is the second time I have done a commercial job with YOUR pads and YOUR Releasit! And the second time in a row my customer has been overly happy with results! Even happier when the cleaning crew vacuumed the following night. To quote my overly happy customers "Steve you were right they do look better after we vacuumed. We didnt think they could get any better after how great they looked when you were done." You do now realize this means you are stuck with me as a new customer! ; )

Releasit DS has always performed very well for me. I usually prespray with Encap-Punch, then follow with the DS in the Cimex tank.

I use Releasit and I'm very happy with that.

Releasit is a great product for the commercial setting. We use Encap Punch for OP'ing and Releasit DS for the Cimex's.

I've been using PUNCH as my prespray for over a year and love it!

Today we went out to a vacant house in the country to clean some carpet. I usually do a free inspection and then go back and clean the carpet, but this guy just called and said come do the work. When we drove up we thought we were at an abandoned house, and it turned out to be close to the truth. The drive way used to be concrete but was grown over with weeds and several dumpsters would not hold all the trash that was out in the yard. We walked in with the owner and had to flip on the electricity at the breaker box. We then measured out 1222 square feet to be cleaned. Before we could vacuum we had to take a push broom and remove the dog terds off of the carpet. We also were being nosy and went down to the basement (the only house in Texas that I know of that has a basement). The owner told us that the basement was 1200 square feet also but it had 5 feet of water in it. I could go on but you probably get the idea, this house had quite a bit of problems more important than cleaning the carpet. Anyway the guy wanted it done so we pre-sprayed with Encap-Punch and went to town with our Butler. (Our Butler has the biggest vacuum they install which is 540cfm and we run all two inch vacuum hose with a two inch wand, and if you want to know why that is for a different post but my van definetly sucks.) We were amazed at the amount of stains that came out effortlessly. I got out what looked like rust, blue and red ink, drink spills, dog terds, etc. The best part was this whole process took me and one of my employees a little less than two hours and we collected 427.00. That is 213.50 an hour. We probably could have been out of there 15 minutes earlier but we had to shot the breeze with the customer. I got back to the shop and had to call Rick and get some more of the Encap-Punch and some soileze. This stuff really works.


Here's a picture that one of our customers (Bob Forsythe) sent us
showing the results he got using RELEASIT and his CIMEX...

And to think... some people call this "interim cleaning". LOL

Nice job Bob!


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